Vaadi Herbals


Vaadi Herbals considers constant research and innovation work pivotal in the development of herbal personal care products that comprise its entire range. Our company has been fortunate to inherit in-depth knowledge in Indian herbs from its parent company and bring forth the power of Ayurveda in all of its products. Till date, high level research as well as latest and advanced machines for testing have helped in developing many unique products, particularly in categories where chemical based cosmetics have not provided satisfactory solutions. Our team of chemists and developers closely study the benefits of herbs used and observe the compositions to produce effective, completely natural and safe products.
An ideal blend of Ayurveda and modern formulations has helped in establishing a high level of confidence in its customers. We believe that with continuous innovations and use of superior quality of herbs, our company will succeed in strengthening its hold on the global markets.

R & D Center

Driven by R&D efforts focusing on developing and improving new or existing formulations, our facilities comprise of research and analytical laboratories with a team of professionals with expertise in the field of herb based formulations. We possess necessary skills, technological capabilities and in-house infrastructure which are needed to develop herbal formulations.

Formulation of our Herbal Products

Herbal cosmetics also known as ‘natural cosmetics’, have been in use since Ancient times in forms different than what we see them today. In those times, mankind only had knowledge of the nature which was used for healing purposes, that was eventually compiled in the Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic cosmetics not only beautified the skin but acted as a shield against any kind of external effects on the body. In the modern era, these ayurvedic cosmetics are known to have the same estimable assets and are purely made by natural herbs and shrubs. Herbal cosmetics are formulated using various permissible cosmetic ingredients to form the base in which one or more herbal ingredients are used to provide the defined cosmetic benefits only. In the extraction process, the herbs are smashed in a bowl to squeeze out the juice. The liquefied juice is mixed with essential substances to prepare the herbal extracts.

These herbs do not produce instant cures, but offer a way to put the body in proper tune with nature. Unlike chemically synthesized products that may result in many side effects, herbs can effectively realign the body’s defenses.