Vaaadi Herbals Story

Vaadi Herbals

Our Story

Vaadi Herbals is proud of its knowledge of herbs and their uses, passed on by its parent company; involved in the business of manufacturing and supply of Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals since the last 150 years. Vaadi Herbals embarked upon its journey in the direction of herbal cosmetics and personal care products using an ideal blend of Ayurveda together with modern sciences and formulations.

Our company has its plants and warehouses based in Delhi, India since 2006 and started with its exports to several countries soon after. Currently we export to over 15 countries such as USA, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, China, Norway, Hongkong, France, United Kingdom etc. and have received phenomenal response for most of the products that we offer.

With over 300 stock keeping units, there is a huge variety in the categories of Hair, Skin, Body, Facial, Foot and Gifting kits. Our products are suitable for all hair and skin types, making them widely acceptable in International markets.

Our Vision


What Vaadi Herbals believes in is being committed to maintaining excellent quality and delivering with integrity. We value the trust of our customers and by being honest and consistent in what we provide, we honor this trust.


We remain firmly committed to our principles and are guided by our ethics which helps us in fair executions and maintaining focus towards our aim.